HOLDIS | For Achitects
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Offer for architects and interior decorators

Dear designers!


We would like to invite you to cooperate with our brand. If You have interesting ideas, suggestions or maybe you just need our table to photo session? Please let us know! Additionally, we invite you to take part in our project “Projekt kawa”. 



Project “Projekt kawa” aims to bring together young, talented artists (architects, interior designers). We want to give you the opportunity to create your own table and show it to the world. Have an interesting idea for a piece of furniture? Design and get commission on sales!

By Joining to the action You gain:

  • The 15% commission from the first sale of table you design and 10% from the sale of each subsequent table
  • -20% discount coupon for selected products at shop.holdis.co
  • Possibility to expand your portfolio
  • Free promotion of your projects on HOLDIS social profiles

You can use many options:

  • 3 species of wood
  • 9 shades of wood impregnation
  • 3 height of table’s legs
  • 23 shades of legs color
  • possibility to choose any shape of countertop
  • possibility of making any laser engraving on the countertop

Coffee table Triangle

HOLDIS TRIANGLE, is a unique coffee table, whose simplicity and functionality will fit in every interior. Its top is decorated with geometric grooves. Design and visualisation: Aleksandra Markowska

Coffee table Butterfly

HOLDIS buttetfly is a modern table with delicate shapes. The table top is covered with a decorative engraver. Design and visualisation: Piotr Kasprzak

Coffee table YINYANG

HOLDIS YINYANG is a combination of traditional wood with geometric modernity. Simple grooves in the wood are perfect for any type of interior. Design and Visualisation: Aleksandra Markowska